I’m a Loser, Baby!

National Novel Writer’s Month is officially over and I am officially a loser. But only in one sense.

Even though I didn’t write a 50,000 word novel, I do have almost 10,000 words written in my book. For a middle grade novel, that’s almost halfway! And when you consider all the words written in my outlining and notes, heck, if I could count all my blogging and commenting, I might be closer to 12K!

The point is, even though I didn’t “win” according to the NaNo rules, I feel like I accomplished a lot of writing this month. I made headway on three different stories and I really worked at it. I’m proud of what I’ve done this month. And that’s kind of the point.

Now if someone could just come up with a National Sign an Author Month, or a National Strike a Deal Month…

10 thoughts on “I’m a Loser, Baby!

  1. That is so true! 10,000 is a heck of a lot of words! (Many more than I wrote last month!)Congrats!Now I want to get in on the Sign a New Author Month!

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