Beautiful Day

I love U2. I’ve been listening to them since junior high when the album “Boy” came out (tells you how old I am!!).

As a writer, I love words. And U2 has some of the most meaningful lyrics of any rock band around. I’m listening to “Beautiful Day” as I write this post and it seems totally appropriate for this day in history.

No matter who you voted for or what you believe, today is the start of something new. And here in southern California, the sun is shining, I feel hopeful, and it is, indeed, a beautiful day.

11 thoughts on “Beautiful Day

  1. Kelly — I wish I still had some of my old cassettes and records! I’m pretty sure I’ve owned everything they released in the U.S.Glam — That song is just filled with hope…and so am I!Corey — Thanks! Glad you had a great day too.Rena — My day did go well and I’m glad to find so many people who like U2!PJ — Some of my best memories are set to a soundtrack of U2 music 🙂Sarah — It was awesome!

  2. You’re right Sherrie, yesterday was the most beautiful day in a long, long time.And as for U2, they’re my all time favorite band. (Which makes me think that could be a good Question Of The Day. Thanks for the inspiration!)

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