The Write Idea

I’m not often at a loss for ideas. Usually I’m so full of ideas my hands aren’t fast enough to get them all down.

But my current WIP had me stumped. I knew how it started and I knew how it ended. I had a lot of the inbetween stuff, too. But making the leap from one part to another was driving me crazy. My brain couldn’t process anything other than two melodramatic scenarios that didn’t work. They didn’t fit the tone of the book and they didn’t feel right for the characters. But I couldn’t get past it! Grr!!

Last night in writing class, my wonderful writing friends got me over the hump. Because they’re familiar with the characters, they had definite opinions about who would do what and why. They offered suggestions and unlocked several key points for me. I came home and started typing outlines, crafting scenes and fell in love with my story all over again. Yay!

I’m SO thankful to have found this group of people. Writing may be a solitary profession, but it sure helps to have friends!

15 thoughts on “The Write Idea

  1. Regarding the friends, couldn’t agree more. Hey, I heard you were in SLO on Saturday. Maggie and I left after lunch but she said she saw you. Bummed I missed the opportunity to meet you! Oh well, next time.

  2. Wow! sounds like you’ve got a great group of writting buddies! I’m in a critique group, but I’m afraid we’re not that ‘bonded” You’re really lucky to have such a great group!Thnxs for stopping by my blog and commenting! Hope to see you around blogland!Christy

  3. Discussing your manuscript was the best part of the night. It’s exciting when we build off each other’s ideas–I think everyone walks away with a different perspective on their own work. Hope you had a great soundtrack for your ride home!

  4. Suzanne — ThanksKelly — It IS flowingCorey — Thank youChristy — I do feel so luckyCarrie — I obsess, too — it’s not just you, although zombies don’t usually enter into my obsessions :^)Meredith — The group is greatKelly — It felt greatMaggie — I’m glad you enjoyed it too — U2 was my soundtrack home :^)

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