I’m so excited I can barely contain myself!

And it’s not a big deal really in the whole scheme of things, but still, it was really exciting to hear…

I got a call this afternoon from a fabulous woman named Dawn (my new BFF). She said she was calling from the Pikes Peak Writer’s Conference to let me know that my MG manuscript, Secret of Undine, won 3rd Place in this year’s Writing Contest.


I couldn’t even process half of what she said to me. She told me there is a small prize. She asked if I plan to attend the conference in April. I’ve spent so much time trying not to think about it that I was at a loss for words!

I mailed the manuscript back in October, then tried to forget about it. Then in November I sent the same manuscript to an editor in New York who had asked to see it after I queried her. Again I tried to forget about it.

And now…now I can’t think of anything else!! They like me! They really like me!!


19 thoughts on “HAPPY!HAPPY!HAPPY!

  1. Sherrie, CONGRATS! That is so awesome! Keep us posted on the conference and if you’ll be going. I’m bouncing up and down for you. I love news like this. *GRINS*

  2. Becky — Thanks! I think I will be going…Glam — Thanks — I’ll let you know for sure…Patty — Thank you!Vivian — Thanks! It has been a three year work in progress on this book…Beth — Thanks, I like you too!!Kelly — It is big! I’m so excited!

  3. Meredith — Thanks!Kim — I hope it IS the beginning…Corey and Kelly — Thank you! Thank you!Suzanne — It is the best :^)Barrie — I’m treating my phone differently now :^)

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