Leprechaun Luck

Every March 16 my children set out a trap before they go to bed. They spend at least a week discussing and creating their trap. They argue over the best way to trick a leprechaun into visiting, and how to capture him once he’s here.

This year Jasmine decided to chew up a bunch of gum and leave it inside the box, then cover everything with toothpaste to make those little green feet stick. She left gold to entice the leprechauns and camped out in her tent near the front door so they couldn’t get by her.

But those little men are so sneaky! We found green apple juice in the fridge, green water from the faucet and the dog has a shamrock tattooed on his head. Outside by the trap we found a trail of gold glitter, a scattering of shamrocks, gold and chocolate coins, two little green hats and some footprints. But no leprechauns. They escaped again.

Or did they?

My daughter says that leprechauns can’t be seen in the daylight. So she figures these three got stuck in her trap and didn’t escape before the sun rose. Now they are just a paper shadow of themselves.

Hmmm…I think I feel a story coming on…

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