Giving Again

A few months ago I wrote about the 29 Days of Giving project. Remember the bracelet the checker gave me at the grocery store?

Well I walked into the drugstore a few days ago to pick up my prescription and they had a basket on the counter full of these bracelets. Of course I had to buy one. If I had more cash in my pocket I would have bought more.

It started me thinking. Of course I slacked off once the 29 days were over. But I’m up for the challenge again. And I’m starting with you. Tell me about the best gift you ever received. On Wednesday, I will pick a winner. The prize will be one of these beautiful bracelets created to benefit children orphaned by AIDS.

Why Wednesday? Because March 25th will be exactly 29 days before I leave for Colorado and the Pikes Peak Writers Conference. I plan to give something away every day until I go. Yay!

You have until 8am Pacific time on Wednesday to submit your answers. Let the contest begin!

14 thoughts on “Giving Again

  1. Wow, that’s awfully nice of you, Sherrie!!Hmmmm, my mother in law “gave” me cleaning services once a week when I had my first child and she still pays every week to have someone clean my house. That is pretty darn nice…(and she knows I’m a terrible housekeeper!)Usually my favorite gifts are the ones my kids make for me. Corny, but true. I like when my hubby makes a card for me instead of buys it, too.

  2. Best gift? I’m not sure I can beat Kelly…My husband surprised me with passes to Disneyland one year (after I begged for twenty) Of course he go them for the kids too. 😉

  3. Best gift I received? Probably this past Christmas. We were really hurting for money and wondering how we would give our two year old daughter some gifts. Someone knocked on our door one night and left an envelope filled with gift cards, a costco membership, and grocery money. I cried for a long time. I still don’t know who left that there. Whoever they are deserves a huge hug something special.

  4. Wow! You guys have received some awesome gifts!Kelly – Your mother in law ROCKS!!T. Anne – Disneyland with the kids is fun :^)Corey – I would love to hear the song!Glam – I love knowing that there are people out there who do things for other people. That’s awesome!

  5. After losing my job over the summer, in January I realized that I couldn’t avoid selling my house. I’m single and live alone and the house needed a lot of painting, cleaning and repairing and I felt horribly overwhelmed. My friends came over and fixed toilets, secured decking, painted ceilings, replaced doorknobs and cleaned the grossest of years’ old dirt. Their time, efforts and love were the greatest gifts I’ve ever received. I will never forget their kindness.

  6. What a neat giveaway … and such a great question.I think my best gift was from my hubby … shortly after we moved into our first home (which we’re still in), he secretly arranged – with my parents – for them to bring my piano from their house to our house (we’re about 4 hours away from each other). The morning of my 30th birthday (which happened to be on a Saturday), he was cleaning the house, getting things organized … I thought it was sweet that he was telling me to relax, and he would take care of everything. I had no idea my parents were about to arrive … and with a U-Haul … carrying my piano. It was so sweet … a very special day.

  7. Oh, and now I have to apologize for flipping your name on my blog recently (error corrected). I have a strange disconnect, often, with compound words. I fight it every day. Maybe I should choose another profession.

  8. What a fantastic giving project! I’m in awe of the fabulous and creative gifts people have received. Here’s one of mine…When my eldest was in kindergarten, she saved up her tooth fairy money and surprised me with a little angel so I can always know she’s with me. Have fun getting ready for your conference!

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