I’ve got a Secret…

Pikes Peak Writers posted the winners and finalists for this year’s contest. I write MG novels and I noticed something funny about all three winners for this age group (8-12) — we all have “Secret” in the title! Hmmm…

Here’s hoping that secrets appeal to MG readers, agents and editors…

18 thoughts on “I’ve got a Secret…

  1. That is so crazy! Now I might have to use the word SECRET in my query or something. I’ve heard “magical” has the same rate of success!Hmmm….CONGRATS!

  2. Corey – Thanks! I’ll have to go check out Yat-Yee’s blog.Stephanie – Thanks! Maybe we’ll meet in a couple weeks.Val – Thank you. I so appreciate your support!Katie – I have heard that about magical. Maybe Secret is one of those words too!

  3. Everybody LOVES Secrets!Remember you told me you sang in a band in college? The band I played bass in was called…..“The Secrets”!!!!And by the way You are Fabulous!!!Congratulations Sherrie, You ROCK!!!

  4. Sherrie–Your secret’s out now…you’re a talented writer! You must be getting so excited about your trip to Colorado. I can’t wait to read all about it.

  5. Vivian – Thanks, I am!Lisa & Laura – As soon as I have my website up I'll let you knowGlam – I guess we do all have secrets :^)PJ – Thank you!Kim – Thanks and great band name!Becky – Thank youRobin – Thanks, I'm really excited about the conferenceTara – Thanks, I guess we all enjoy secrets :^)Meredith & Rena – Thank you!Maggie – I miss you! Can't wait to tell you all about it!

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