Poem for a Friday

I don’t usually write poetry. But I read “Because I Am Furniture” last week (amazing book!) and then Laura Salas sent out this 15 word poetry challenge. I thought about the amazing circumhorizontal arc I saw on Monday (thanks for the name, Maggie!) and this just came to me.

Now be gentle. I don’t claim to be a great poet. But sometimes it’s fun to try something different, to challenge yourself to write in a way you’re not used to. This is posted on Laura’s site along with a lot of other (better!) poems.

Wisps of color
Trick of light
Something so simple, so ordinary
Brings hope and smiles

What can YOU say in 15 words or less?

8 thoughts on “Poem for a Friday

  1. Er, do Twitter-length horror stories count? O:) I don’t do poetry. But 140 character length horror I can do… in theory. 😉


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