A Poem from my Son & a Launch Party, Too

Sometimes I read things that my son has written and I’m blown away. I wasn’t that good when I was his age. He’s a gifted writer and I’m so lucky to get to watch him grow and improve.

I’d say this even if he wasn’t my child. Really.

This was an assignment from school, a color poem. The descriptions were so vivid, and of course the illustration was perfect.

Red is like lava,
a bad feeling.

Red tastes like hot candies
and sounds like roaring wind.

Red looks like sulfuric ashes.
It feels like hot embers.

Red makes me angry.
Red is evil.


Cynthea Liu is having a launch party for her new book, Paris Pan Takes the Dare. Wander on over to the site, take some dares, win some prizes. And while you’re there, take some notes for launching your own book. Cynthea’s online launches are brilliant!

10 thoughts on “A Poem from my Son & a Launch Party, Too

  1. Wait! Why is he picking on red? It's my favorite color. Red is bold and does whatever it wants. I think we need to defend red.
    (But, yeah, good poem. I'll give him that.)

  2. PJ – It's my favorite color, too — and his! I think it's just the mood he was in at the moment he wrote it. You know how that goes πŸ™‚

    Rena – Thanks!

    Becky – I loved the imagery be used

    Kelly – I will πŸ™‚

  3. Your son has talent. And has strong emotions. And courage. An artist/writer/broody, intellectual guy wearing black at philosophy classes at an Ivy League.

    In other words, great future.

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