Meet Kung Fu Kitty

“Have no fear! Kung Fu Kitty is here!”

My daughter started shouting this a few months ago. Unfortunately, we usually hear this cry moments before she launches her body into her brother. See, he’s her arch nemesis, Radical Rat. Only he doesn’t have a costume. Not that you need a costume to fight.

Kung Fu Kitty is a game that Jasmine made up, a game where she hunts down the enemy to save the world. As you can tell from the fancy moves in the photo, her knowledge of kung fu doesn’t go far beyond the actual words. I think she’s seen Kung Fu Panda once but, y’ know, it’s not really instructive in the art of kung fu fighting.

The thing is, every time I hear that battle cry, I’m torn. I don’t like to have my kids fighting. But…the stories she comes up with for Kung Fu Kitty are vibrant. If only I knew a writer who could get all this down and make it into a graphic novel series, I just know they’d have a bestseller on their hands…

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