Bloggers, Books and Push Ups

Not so long ago I blogged about books that I’ve bought after reading about them online. Of course, once the post was up, I realized I’d left some off! I hate to leave anybody out, so here are some additional titles that I’ve bought and enjoyed from other bloggers.

Hop! Plop! by Corey Schwartz
I’m a sucker for a good picture book, even though my kids are getting beyond PB age. When I started blogging last fall, I found Corey’s site, thought the book looked cute and ordered it from Amazon. Corey is one of those lucky people who got published on her first try. I’m still waiting for that charm to rub off on me 🙂

Magickeepers by Erica Kirov
I heard about this book when Sarah hosted Erica on her blog. The premise of the book fascinated me so I got it from the library. I liked it so much, I bought it. Warning for impatient people like me: there are two more in the series. But at least the ending on this one is satisfying enough that you’re not frustrated at the end 🙂 Erica has a good blog too, and she’s giving away prizes this week to celebrate her 1000th post.

Writer Mama by Christina Katz

Freelance writing and graphic design help pay the bills around here, so this book interested me because I want to write for more than my local publications. Christina has built a successful platform (I know, the word makes me shudder, too!) around being a mom and writing. She writes, teaches and has another intriguing title I’ve considered buying, “Get Known Before the Book Deal.”

A New Job for Dilly by Rena Jones

I interviewed Rena last month when Dilly debuted. Because it’s printed by a small publisher, I don’t know if I would have found this book without Rena’s self-promotion work! I’m taking some notes from her for when my book gets published (I’m thinking positively, here!).


And for those of you who are counting, this is week six of the Push Up Challenge that Carrie Jones got me started on. Unfortunately, Carrie got injured (I don’t think it was from the push ups!) and others have slacked off. I, however, have stuck with the program, sweating through more than 100 push ups every other day (in sets of like 25, 30, 20, 15, 40 — but still!!)

I’m still not convinced that I’ll be able to do a hundred push ups without stopping by Friday. I think it’s more of a mental block than a physical one. I’ll let you know…

15 thoughts on “Bloggers, Books and Push Ups

  1. I'm going to buy Hop! Plop! for my daughter's birthday. I think she'll love it (and I love Corey's blog!).

    You amaze me with your push ups. I can't even do one (how pathetic is that?)!

  2. Ooh! I wish I'd seen the push-up challenge. It's funny, because last night I tried to see how many I could do (w/out knowing about the challenge) and did 7. I'll see how many I can get to by Friday, but I doubt it will be 100!

  3. Great additions to your book list!
    I've still been doing the push-ups with you … I added it into my normal routine, and it's been fantastic. I'm up to 80 … and fear I might have hit a wall! We'll see over the next couple weeks! Good luck!!!

  4. Casey – It's a cute book. And I'll bet if you drop down right now, you could do more than you think!

    Glam – You'll like Dilly. Probably a lot more than I like pushups 🙂

    LiLa – Yes, my arms of steel will be much admired–Ha!

    PJ – I've surprised myself by sticking with it.

    Anita – I'm only doing the ones from my knees, but it's still a good challenge. Congrats on trying!

    Suzanne – You're welcome — and thanks!

    Wendy – Writer Mama is a great reference. And Hop! Plop! is very cute.

    Vivian – I've surprised myself!

    Kelly H-Y – I'm so glad to hear you're still doing push ups too! Yay! I know what you mean about hitting a wall. Good luck!

  5. push ups, huh? Maybe I should do this? You're the second blog I've read this morn in which the writer is rockin' out some hard core push ups…

  6. Hooray! I love Corey's HOP PLOP (and a lot of her unpublished work that should find a home soon)!

    I met Rena on Verla's website over a year ago. Very soon thereafter, she had a contract for DILLY. Besides being a talented writer, Rena takes lovely nature photographs.

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