Wishing Well

Do you believe in wishes?

I think as writers, especially those of us who write for children, we’re more open to the idea that anything is possible. I mean, here we are trying to break into a business where the odds are totally against us. You have to be optimistic to stick with it. You have to believe that you’re going to beat the odds.

I’m reading an amazing book right now by Hawaiian psychologist Paul Pearsall called “Wishing Well.” It’s actually research for my current WIP, “Wish You Weren’t,” but I’d read it even if it wasn’t. Dr. Pearsall’s book covers the ten years he spent scientifically studying the power of wishing, and boy does it tap into every secret superstition, belief and desire of my childhood dreams.

Take these excerpts for example:

“Just by our intentions we can alter the destiny of persons, places, events and things. It works in wondrous, subtle and often paradoxical ways, but it works.”

“Wishing is a form or everyday magic practiced by the common person.”

“Instead of blaming your inner child, wishing is a way you can safely let her out to play.”

Aren’t those great quotes?! Haven’t you always wondered if you could change things, just by wishing about them?

My inner child is alive and well, and playing on a regular basis. What about yours?

12 thoughts on “Wishing Well

  1. Absolutely! My inner child comes out to play every day when I write and when I play w/my cats. I believe wishing for things is healthy and necessary. Of course, you've got to put the work in as well, but there are so many forces in the universe we don't understand. I've always believed that what goes around comes around. Therefore, I try to send out as many good vibes as I can.;-)

  2. That is inspiring! I do believe if you truly believe it will happen, you have a better chance that it will!
    But I also get the saying, “Be careful what you wish for.”
    But I do hope all of our writing wishes come true!

  3. It's like a simpler version of The Secret. And personally, I find wishing a lot more palatable than a visualization board or whatever the heck I'm supposed to be doing to put my dreams out into the universe.

  4. Debra: I totally agree!

    T. Anne: I think you would enjoy reading this book 🙂

    Kelly: He has a section on “bad” wishes, too.

    LiLa: I haven't read The Secret, but I do like the simplicity of wishing.

    PJ: Me too!!

    Katie: Isn't it great?

    Yat-Yee: You quiet and compliant? I think not. Let that cheeky girl out!

  5. My inner teenager is alive. Since I write YA, I'm very glad she is. But relating to what you are talking about, I believe anything is possible with a little bit of realism, though. I think we can't just sit back and wish for something to happen. We have to do something to make it happen.

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