A Library Without Books

Can you imagine a library without books?

Apparently one prep school in the Boston area thinks they can be cutting edge by getting rid of the 20,000 books in their library and replacing them with 18 electronic readers (Kindle and Sony), 3 flat screen tvs connected to the internet and a coffee shop where the reference desk used to be. Excuse me for being antiquated, but this vision of the future is freaking me out.

I’m glad my kids don’t go to school there.

Welcome to the Future Library

16 thoughts on “A Library Without Books

  1. Um… it might work. If they had only 18 kids in the school. And don't ever want to read anything that isn't available in an electronic version.

    Maybe they figure they if they feed the kids enough coffee, they won't notice that the books are gone.

  2. Kelly: Pretty bizarre, huh?

    Susan: Beyond freaky!

    LiLa: I'll never give up my books either.

    Carrie: That's the most bizarre part. At least spend more on the electronic readers instead of a coffee shop!

    Kelly H-Y: Yikes is right!

    StoryQueen: I wonder if the parents are crying?

    Tess: No Alan Funt. This is real.

    Casey: Future's pretty scary, huh?

    Corey: Even more disturbing when you realize they're spending $12K on an espresso machine instead of more stuff for students to read!

    Shelli: Agreed.

    PJ: I wish it was a joke, too!

    Vivian: I'm kind of hoping it doesn't work…

    Becky: Yeah, at the least they need to have more readers available!

  3. That is so sad. It would make more sense to me if they got a reader for every student, but only 18. It seems like they don't think their students read anymore. Come on! Get with it, It's a freakin' school!

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