Call Me Butterfingers

My family doesn’t blink when they hear crashing sounds from the kitchen. I drop and break things on a regular basis. If I could go three weeks without breaking a glass or chipping a plate, it would be a record.

So really, it was only a matter of time for my laptop. I’ve had it for two years, it has been my favorite computer ever. I have backed files off from time to time, but not as regularly as I should.

I was laying in bed sending some emails after the kids went to school, feeling tired, jaw still aching from the wisdom teeth. I reached over to put my MacBook on the nightstand and pulled my hand away too soon. It fell in slow motion. I was helpless to stop it. Typing these words steals my breath away again.

Not only does it have all my writing and graphic design files, it has all my digital photos of the children, a video I was working on from a family reunion, research, emails, address book, checkbook (!) — my life for the last two years is on that computer!

So here I am on my husband’s laptop, knowing he’ll want it back any minute. Friday morning I’ll be driving down to Santa Barbara, praying that the Mac Mechanics can recover my files. The programs I can reload, but the files that exist no where else in the world, I hope they can pull them from that drive for me.

Cross your fingers…

14 thoughts on “Call Me Butterfingers

  1. Sherrie–With all these crossed fingers I feel confident that your files will be retrieved. Sean at Mac Mechanics has helped me more than once. The specialists there are able to work miracles that we mere mortals can't comprehend.

    Can't wait to read about your happy ending.

  2. We have Mac laptops at the school where I work and it is amazing how tough they are. I have high hopes for your files. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

    (you really should start backing up more often)


  3. Wow – good luck – what a story!! My husband is quite pedantic and forces me to back up my laptop almost daily.. I guess stories like this prove he is not all that cuckoo!!!

    If it's any consolation, my son recently dropped his graphics monster – a MacBook Pro 17″ and it seemed to survive…

    Love your blog – just came upon it.

    As an aspiring writer, you are inspiring!!!

    All the best

    Holli in Ghana

  4. I'm so sorry!!! The first time I lost files I went out and bought an external hard drive to back up my work. Plus I back it up on my iPod and a thumb drive. I'm a bit paranoid. That, and one of my husband's Mac Books cashed once, and it wasn't fixable. But I've heard that files are almost always recoverable, so here's to hoping! Keep us posted. πŸ™‚

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