The Editing Chair

This is my Editing Chair. It’s the corner of my bedroom that beckons whenever it’s time to critique.

My husband created this space thinking it would be perfect for reading a book. He set up a torchiere lamp to provide plenty of light. He found a lovely shelf to house the overflow of books from the shelf he built me a few months ago.

But somehow, I never seem to curl up with a paperback in this spot. Just my laptop. And the writing of a friend or my WIP. Not that it matters. I am still reading.

Of course, sometimes I have to fight for the right to sit here. It does, after all, catch the midday sun. And the chair is perfect for lounging. Over sized and comfortable, it’s the ideal spot for cleaning up your fur. Or your writing.

In this spot I have edited words of love and despair, history and disappointment. I’ve read about lives filled with voodoo, drugs, ghosts, dragons, dreams, gold and music. I can read or write just about anyplace, but when I’m editing, this is where I want to be. Right here in my corner, the sun on my shoulders, birds chirping in the yard beyond, a gentle breeze rustling the leaves outside my sliding glass door.

Next time you hear that I’m editing or critiquing, picture me here. It’s the place I go to unwind with a great story, maybe even yours.

What’s your special place?

19 thoughts on “The Editing Chair

  1. I move all over. But I do have a spot on the kitchen floor I love. There's a decent rug there and the sun comes in through all the windows and just HEATS me from the inside out. My cat fights me for the spot, too. Little sucker has actually bitten me while I'm sitting there.

  2. Kristi: I have a chair in the living room that I like to write in, especially when a fire's going 🙂

    Anita: Sunshine makes a spot perfect, wouldn't you say? Those darn cats think they rule the house!

    Tess: The hammock sounds really great!

    Susan: The chair is from my favorite store since high school — Target!

  3. Such a great spot! I have an old recliner that I like to sit in. It's in my room, next to a plug and the window. Not that I open the blinds, but you know. 😉

  4. That really is a fabulous chair! I tend to move around a bit for my editing, writing and all things bookish. I have a recliner that I (shamefully) love. And also the left hand corner of our oversized couch. It's very easy to curl up there.

  5. Hi Sherrie! Love the chair. Enjoy.

    I wish I had a perfect spot as well. I seem to move from the lounge to the dining room table. You've inspired me to dedicate a spot for my writing pursuits! Thanks.

  6. What a lovely spot. And your cat is beautiful!

    My favorite spot is right at my dining room table, looking out my front yard. I can keep an eye on my kids and enjoy the sun.

    Thanks for sharing your editing chair!

  7. Ah! That looks like my editing chair, or kind of like it. Mine is green and has arms, but it's the same style. I even call it “my editing chair”. It's funny, the things writers have in common. I also have my outlining area, which is the kitchen table.

    Good luck on the edits, from my editing chair to yours. 😉

  8. Lois: For some reason I usually sit criss cross with my computer in my lap so I don't need the ottoman 🙂

    Elana: A recliner would be nice, too. I can picture that…

    LiLa: I always sit in the left hand corner of my couch, too! What's that about?

    Steph: Recliners seem to be a popular choice!

    Becky: The cat is laying there now!

    Holli: It's nice to have a dedicated spot. Have fun finding yours 🙂

    Vivian: Twinkle is our rescue cat. He's such a sweetheart. I remember seeing your dining room on your blog last year. Looks like a great place to write and edit.

    PJ: My desk has so much on it. When I'm editing I want nothing to distract me. Maybe if I was just neater…

    Dawn: Cool! You've got one too! I don't have an outlining area, though. I tend to outline on the fly 🙂

    Kelly H-Y: You nailed it! The serenity is what I love about this spot. I'm completely relaxed here and able to focus on the edits.

  9. This is the hardest part of writing for me! I have a toddler, two older sons, and a husband now at home working in my old quiet space. I write with life all around me in the house and make many errors in my writing. I am dreaming of a quiet place!

  10. That's lovely. Think I'll pop in and curl up with the gorgeous kitty.

    My desk is in a corner of the living room in front of a window. I can open the curtains and see the front yard, with the bushes and the trees, the birds and the squirrels. I can turn sideways, put my feet on the arm of the couch and watch TV.

    My cat likes to curl up on me here.

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