Zombie Jamboree

As a kid growing up in Ohio, our house wasn’t quite the same as others. With a mother from Nicaragua and a father from Jamaica, not only did we eat food that was different from other people, we listened to different music too.

We had a liberal helping of calypso and steel drum bands mixed in with our Elvis, Johnny Cash and Ray Conniff Singers (don’t ask). So today, in honor of Halloween and my Jamaican roots, I offer you Harry Belafonte’s “Zombie Jamboree.” This was one of my favorite songs growing up, probably because the chorus had a curse word that no one stopped us from singing 🙂

Back to back, belly to belly
Don’t give a damn
‘Cuz you done dead already
Back to back, belly to belly
In the zombie jamboree

13 thoughts on “Zombie Jamboree

  1. Susan: Oldie but goodie, yes?

    Lori: I loved growing up in Ohio. Hope your kids have fun dancing to this 🙂

    Dawn: Happy Halloween to you too!

    LiLa: I was born in St. Elizabeth's hospital in Dayton and I grew up in Shelby County in a dinky little town called Russia (only we pronounced it Roo-she) 😀

    Lois: I love pulling out the calypso tunes. We saw Belefonte live once at Universal. Great concert.

  2. LOL about it having a curse word. I remember a song called 'shut uppa your face' my fifth grade teacher played it everyday at the end of the day and it was my favorite. I'm a product of public school, what can I say?

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