I wrote this last month, kind of as a note to myself, the morning after I finished making revisions on my MG novel, Secret of Undine. I have days when I feel like I suck as a writer and I’m not making any progress. (Ever been there?) I knew I would have days where I needed a pick me up. This was a note to encourage myself. Hope it encourages you too.

Tomorrow I’ll be exhausted.
And next month I might be crying from the sting of rejection.

But for today, I want to enjoy this high.
I want to revel in the overwhelming flood of emotion,
The pride of accomplishment that comes from completing my rewrite.

My skin tingles from only three hours of sleep
But my fingers flew over the keyboard.

I figured out motivations,
Discovered hidden emotions,
Found opportunities to foreshadow.
And I dug deeper than I thought I could.

Today I’m ecstatic.
My book is stronger, the characters more believable.

Best of all, I believe in myself,
In my ability as a writer
To find the metaphor,
To listen to the bad guy.
To let the hero fail sometimes.

We all need to fail sometimes.
It makes the victories that much sweeter.

18 thoughts on “Victory

  1. There's nothing better than that high…than that feeling of accomplishment you explain so well.

    And, you are right .. we need to remind ourselves of that every time we slip and feel discouraged.

  2. Sherrie,
    Just what I needed, and I love that you posted this at 3:15 in the morning! I hope you were up writing on the new WIP or wired with the high of having completed a new chapter. Thank you for helping me dig deeper, too. Your feedback has been huge.

  3. I love that note! I've recently felt that way too. I have a great agent looking at my work right now and although I don't know what the future holds, I choose to have joy in this moment. 😉

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