Great Links

There are some pretty cool contests and challenges floating around the blogosphere right now. Check out these links:

Today is your last chance to enter Nathan Bransford‘s writing prompt contest. Submit up to 500 words written as a diary entry and you could win some pretty amazing prizes, including a query critique, partial critique, or 10 minute phone conversation/consultation/dish session with Nathan himself. Sweet! All the details are at his blog.

Mary Kole, a new agent at Andrea Brown, is also running a contest. Send her the beginning (up to 500 words) of a completed MG or YA before January 31 and you could win one of at least four different critiques. Her blog has all the info:

Sourcebooks is launching a new YA imprint (Sourcebooks Fire) and they’re running a contest in conjunction with #YAlitchat. To participate, you need to RSVP to the event and be a member of #YAlitchatโ€™s ning community. Get all the details at author Georgia McBride’s website.
Bonus: Tonight on #YAlitchat, Sourcebooks Fire Acquisitions Editor, Dan Ehrenhaft will be the featured guest. How cool is that?

Zombie lover and YA author Carrie Harris is offering critique prizes as well. Leave a comment on her blog and you could win a five-page critique. She’ll be running this contest every month (!) so be sure to check her blog often for a chance to win. This month’s contest is open until Monday. And if your story includes Richard Simmons or midget goatherders, all the better!

If you’ve never checked out the Inky Girl website, why not? Debbie Ridpath Ohi has some brilliant comics designed for writers (like the one up above) and she has also thrown down the gauntlet with a writing challenge for the new year. Commit to writing anywhere from 250 to 1000 words each day (6 days a week) and you too can proudly display one of these awesome badges ๐Ÿ™‚

And speaking of challenges, Mother Reader and Lee Wind are once again running the Comment Challenge. I’ll admit: I’m a recovering blog lurker. I was scared to leave comments until I read about this challenge over a year ago. Joining in was one of the best things I ever did. Plus it’s a great way to discover new blogs. The challenge runs Friday, January 8 through Thursday, January 28. Find out more from Lee and Pam.

And finally, today is your last chance to win a copy of Becky Levine‘s new book, The Writing and Critique Group Survival Guide. Read the interview and leave your comment before 10 p.m. tonight. I’ll announce the randomly selected winner on Friday.

19 thoughts on “Great Links

  1. Yat-Yee: You're welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

    Susan: Glad I could introduce you to some new stuff.

    Shannon: You're welcome.

    Lori: I like that – the go-to gal!

    Meredith: Things are good and I'm excited that you're going to give it a try!

    Lois: Best wishes on the querying ๐Ÿ™‚

    Elana: Glad it helps!

    Meredith: Crossing fingers, toes and eyes — good luck!!

  2. Yow! That's a whole lotta contests! Thanks!
    I also did the comment challenge last year. It got me in the habit of commenting frequently and like you said, I found some great blogs! I'll have to do that again! (plus check out the other links!!)

  3. Kelly: I think I found you through the comment challenge ๐Ÿ™‚

    Corey: Glad you like it!

    Sharon: I was trying to sneak in at the end so no one would see ๐Ÿ™‚

    T.Anne: Sourcebooks is one of the few publishers growing in leaps and bounds. They're an excellent one to watch!

  4. Thanks for posting a link to the Sourcebooks Fire #YAlitchat Writing Contest! It seems like quite a few of your friends have already joined us over on ning. I hope you find the community and chat to be useful. Welcome!


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