My kids have been getting out of school early every day this week because of parent teacher conferences. So Wednesday after school we hit the beach.

Now before you get jealous let me point out that it was cold. It had rained most of Tuesday. We had on sweatshirts and we didn’t go in the water. We were there to look for shells. We found a ton.

We also found this cool vertebrae. Not sure what animal it’s from, but it was fascinating to look at these perfectly preserved bones and wonder where they came from, how they got there.

For those of you icebound, snowbound or just plain tired of winter, remember: SPRING IS COMING!

And today, something we can all get excited about: Perceus Jackson!! YES!!

I even won free movie tickets for four people so tonight, I’m there. Just! Can’t! WAIT!

I won’t be posting Monday, but I’ll have an interview up on Wednesday. Have a GREAT weekend!

20 thoughts on “Beachcombing

  1. Shelley: Thanks, I had fun taking the photos 🙂

    Laura: I know we're going to have a blast tonight. Thanks!

    Shannon: Isn't it a gorgeous beach? We have some good ones here.

    L.Diane: I've been to Oregon beaches in August and yeah, they were COLD!

    Sarah: I'm so excited!

    Lori: I'll bet your kids are gonna love it too!

    Tricia: It was a great day for beach combing. And just a few hours 'til we go to the movie 🙂

    Shelli: Snow in Atlanta just sounds wrong!

  2. You are the QUEEN of winning cool prizes. Can I have some of your luck? Please?

    And thanks for more beach pictures. I have been waiting for them!

    (My educated guess on the vertebrae is seal or sea lion, for what it's worth.)

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