Neverending Luck Part II

So here’s proof that when you put things out there, the universe responds.

In my earlier post I said that I wanted my very own luck dragon. And what did I receive in the mail today from the wonderful HRH Shelley Thomas? As part of the luck basket I won from her site, she included a luck dragon. How cool is that?

Thank you Shelley!

I’m telling you, people — believe!

15 thoughts on “Neverending Luck Part II

  1. Love it. You know you do seem incredibly lucky. How many luck-based contests have you won now? I seem to recall you winning a Kindle, ARCs, manuscript/query critiques, etc. The luck dragon is in the presence of a lucky woman.

  2. Tyhitia: I think the cuter and cuddlier, the luckier he is 😀

    Bish: You're right. But a lot of times when it's a NO, I realize it's a no, I'm just trying to ignore it!

    Candy: It's coming. Trust me 😀

    Susan: I'm hopeful!

    Lori: Yes, I do get lucky sometimes 😀

    Jamie: Thank you! I think he's pretty awesome myself 😀

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