ARCs, blogs and books

Tomorrow we leave on vacation, for eleven days in the Carolinas. I am so looking forward to this. First thing I packed? Books. Of course. And my luck dragon’s coming too!

Funny thing is, I won this Kindle a while back. I’ve downloaded a few things on it, but for me, nothing compares to curling up with a paper book. I love being able to open to a specific page and reread a passage. I’ve taken to marking sections that evoke a certain emotion with little post-it notes, as reminders that this author is worth studying.

And how is an author supposed to sign your book if it’s digital? Yes, I’m geeky, but I had a lot of fun meeting authors last summer at SCBWI and having them sign my books. Then there’s the fact that you can’t download an ARC, and I do love reading those advance copies that I’m lucky enough to encounter.

Like this one.

Yeah. I went into the Book Loft yesterday and this was waiting for me. I love the people at the Book Loft. LOVE. Here’s the funny thing: six months ago Echo, the woman who works in the children’s section, hadn’t read Shiver. But I had, based on a blogger’s recommendation. I told her in glowing terms why she needed to read that book. Last week when I visited the Book Loft, I had to smile when I heard her hand selling the book to a teenager. I jumped in with my two cents as well. So of course the girl went home with the book in her hand. And this month in the store’s newsletter, Echo featured YA and one of the books she highlighted was Shiver.

This is the power of blogging.

It isn’t always quantifiable. But I’d say more than half of the books I buy are based on blogger recommendations. And I’m not alone. That one blogger (thank you Myra!) probably convinced a lot of other people besides me to buy the book. And they’re telling two friends. And they’re telling two friends. And so on, and so on…

If someone tries to tell you what you’re writing about on your blog isn’t important, don’t listen to them. Even if you only have a few followers, even if you just post once in a while, your words are important. They make an impact. So take yourself seriously. Your words matter.

I’ll be checking your blogs every in every once in a while, but I won’t be posting again until I’m back home so everybody have a great week and a half while I’m gone!

And may the luck of the dragon be with you πŸ™‚

27 thoughts on “ARCs, blogs and books

  1. Your luck dragon is adorable. It reminds me that I have a little glass dragon I got in Prague – I wonder if he might bring me a little luck? Have a great time on your vacation!

  2. Okay, let me get this straight–you won a Kindle BEFORE you got your luck dragon? Oh, boy, you are going to have some SERIOUS luck now! I think those kindles are cool–but no impulse to own one–for the reasons you say. And I love your thoughts about blogging–I think you're dead on right.

  3. Hey Sherrie! Most of the books I read are from blogger recommendations too! =) I'm waiting for summer to read Shiver, I can't wait. *hee hee hee* Have a great time on your vacation. =)

  4. What a gorgeous cover LINGER has! I'm with you on being irrationally attached to paper books. Love the story about Book Loft hand-selling books. It still does happen!

    I know e-readers are supposed to be the thing of the future, and people say how great it will be to travel with one device that carries an infintite number of books. But what happens if you leave your Kindle on the train, the way I've done with so many books? It may be a fun toy, but it's an expensive one.

    The proliferation of all these electronic devices that have to be replaced with new (and improved!) versions every 6 months assumes everybody will be rich–or supported by rich parents–forever. I'm not sure that's how the general economy is going.

  5. You're coming to the Carolinas?! OMG, which part??? I live in the mountains!

    And meanwhile–I so agree with you on the power of blogging. I did an interview recently where I said that I don't think many teens read blogs…but I totally forgot about how even if a teen doesn't, a bookseller or librarian or teacher who works with teens might. The influence spreads like a widening net…

  6. Oh, I love that you put the luck dragon in the photo with the book. So cute and they are going with you! I agree a book is an object I like to curl up with (not a tiny screen).
    If you see this before you leave, I've left a little award for you on my blog. You don't have to do anything with it but know that I appreciate reading your words–lots!

  7. What a wonderful and encouraging post! πŸ™‚ It's nice to remember that our words have an impact on somebody's life. I love your luck dragon πŸ™‚ Have a great vacation!

  8. Have a wonderful vacation!

    I really want a Kindle, but I love paper books so I totally get what you're saying. I still look forward to trying a Kindle (or other e-reader) for myself. I want to see how it compares on the eye strain front; I've heard it's easier on the eyes (literally, not prettier! Hee!).

    So many of the books I read are from blog recommendations!

  9. Lucky you for getting an arc of Linger!
    Interesting post, I agree that lots of my book buys are from reading about them on blogs.
    Looking forward to hearing about your vacation – and about Linger!

  10. So cool that Shelley gave you a luck dragon. (As if you need more luck, though, seriously. ha, ha.)

    Hope you're having a wonderful vacation!

  11. I've heard good things about Linger – it's on my Amazon wishlist.

    I agree that I'm not jazzed by ebooks. It's a nice gadget to own, but it's not necessary, like a laptop or an iPod.

    I love getting autographed books at NESCBWI and our local bookstore!

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