The Substitute

Last night I was up late doing math homework. Why was I torturing myself with finding the solution to 6-2/3 x 3/10 x 4? Because today I’m doing one of the things I swore as a child that I would never do as an adult: substitute teaching. And it’s been a while since I’ve had to do 5th grade math!

On a whim, I took the CBEST in February, so I was excited when I found out I passed in March. My credential arrived by email on April 1. Trust me, I got the irony. Yesterday the Ballard School secretary called to see if I could fill in today in my son’s 5th grade class. YES! My first time subbing will be with kids I’ve known since they were in preschool. How cool is that?

I spent two years coordinating the hot lunch program at Ballard, and two years before that working as an aide in 2nd grade and doing playground duty. I know the kids at this school quite well. But for the first time, I’ll be in charge of a class for the entire day. I am so looking forward to it.

I haven’t told my son yet. Can’t wait to see the look on his face 😀

24 thoughts on “The Substitute

  1. Congrats! I'm not sure I could substitute for my son's grade four class (if you forget the part about me not being a teacher). But I have volunteered there, so at least I know the kids.

  2. Can you imagine the look on his face if you didn't tell him until you just arrived in the classroom? LOL!! He'd probably kill you. 🙂

    Congrats on your certification! And good luck!!

  3. Have fun. I bet your son is still young enough to be excited, so enjoy it! I get to present at my son's school Friday, but if I had to talk about math, I'd fail miserably.

  4. Have fun! I used to teach full time, but I have been subbing for the last year slowly getting back into the world of education. I love it. It's a great part time job for moms.
    I subbed for my daughter for PE a few weeks ago, she was so excited! I'm sure you will have a great day in your son's class!

  5. Mary: I loved it! We had a great day together!

    Christina: My son said I could have been a little meaner to kids who were acting up 🙂

    Indigo: He was surprised and excited. At least he isn't old enough to be embarrassed to have me show up 🙂

    Janet: It was a LOT of fun. I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

    Becky: Yes, I do have some leverage in that sense. But I think knowing these kids so well made it easier to hold their attention and make them behave 🙂

    Stina: Knowing them makes it a lot easier to go in there for the day.

    Tabitha: He didn't know until we were heading into the classroom, but at least he was happy about it. The expression on his face was priceless 😀

    Shannon: It was great fun being in there with him today.

    Laura: The teacher I subbed for is very organized so that made the day fly by.

    Lori: He was very excited to have me there. And I would have embarrassed myself I'm sure if I hadn't gone over all the math problems the night before!

    Carolyn: He took it really well. I'm glad he's not embarrassed by me yet 🙂

    Lois: I would have been terrified this first time if I didn't know the kids. But now, I feel confident that I could do this even with kids I don't know.

    Diane: Some of those problems took me longer than they take my son! But he was happy to have me in his class. It was so much fun 🙂

    Suzanne: He was shocked but happy. I love all the kids in his class. I know they liked having me there because some came up and gave me hugs and others were raving about me being there to another teacher. So that was nice too 😀

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