Happiness is…

  • going to a book signing for a friend and critique partner. Yay Val!
  • going to a second book signing for another friend and critique partner. Yay Kim!
  • finding the new Nathaniel Fludd book at the book store and running into the author before we leave! Thanks Robin for the impromptu signing 🙂
  • discovering that my novel is in a 6-way face-off in RLGL. Woo-hoo!! 
  • substituting for 3rd Grade on the day of the talent show and Fun Day. I can’t believe they’re paying me for this today!

I guess you could say I’ve got a lot to be happy for 🙂
What’s making you happy today?

23 thoughts on “Happiness is…

  1. That is wonderful news!
    Also, congrats on the RLGL face off, Cynthea Liu is so generous to do those! She was very helpful the last time I entered!
    Enjoy your happy day!

  2. Congratulations to your friends and their books, as well as your story being in the face off.

    As for happy — today is our last day of school (we homeschool) and Sunday we leave for Grand Teton NP, my favorite of all the parks. 🙂

  3. Karen: It was a great day!

    Paige: I know, right? Since when is sudden death a good thing? Thank you!

    Kelly: I am constantly amazed by Cynthea's energy and generosity. And I'm thrilled to have made it further this time than I ever have before!

    Rena: The Grand Tetons sound like fun! Have a great trip!

    Laura: Today has been awesome 🙂

    Tricia: Thanks — and happy Friday to you too!

    Christine: I'm glad you're feeling better. And good news is on the horizon? I like the sound of that!

    JEM: I did have fun — thanks!

    Anna: Robin is a wonderfully kind and generous person. And my son was so impressed that she knew who I was 🙂

    Stephanie: Have fun in the mountains! I'm glad it's the weekend too.

    Becky: Thank you!!!

    Karen: Thanks – I hope I have plenty of good news to share 🙂

    Suzanne: It's pretty cool to go to signings for such good friends. You'll get there soon!

    Carolyn: I love hanging out with my kids too. Have a great weekend!

  4. Sounds like you have a lot to be happy for. For me, today, happiness is doing a walk for a cause that means a lot to me–canine cancer research–and getting to spend the morning surrounded by four-legged friends!

  5. Kathi: Hope you enjoy reading them!

    PJ: Isn't Nathaniel Fludd great? This one is just as good as the first 🙂

    Gwen: I feel so lucky to be friends with these amazing writers.

    Lisa: The canine walk for cancer sounds like a great cause to support! And thanks 🙂

    Cindy: Thanks! Fingers crossed!

    Shelli: You had an amazing haul from BEA! That would make me VERY happy!!

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