Happy Dancing

I love to see friends do well and it seems that a lot of them have been celebrating this week. Here’s some good news I’d like to highlight this week:

If you haven’t been following Susan Quinn’s amazing story this week of how she got her publishing deal, then you need to head over there. The publisher approached her and asked her to submit! Yes! I knew you’d want to read all about this!

I was also happy to discover a wonderful article about author Greg Trine. I’ve interviewed him here on the blog, but this article in the Ventura County Star is simply awesome.

Last summer I got to meet the Southern belles from Plot This. Katie and SF are two of the nicest people you’ll ever come across and if you check out this vlog, you’ll understand why you’ve been hearing happy sounds echoing throughout the country from Mississippi.

Now I don’t know Kiera Cass personally. In fact, I just heard about her last week on Adventures in Children’s Publishing. But her story is amazing. From self-published author to being repped by Caren Johnson Literary to even bigger news this week. I love this vlog from Kiera. Warning: You’ll want to dance!

So tell me: what’s your good news this week?

20 thoughts on “Happy Dancing

  1. Anne: Congratulations! Two requests for partials are worth celebrating. It means you're getting closer!

    Candy: That definitely counts! Some days that's what matters most 🙂

    Kristan: Yay! Work hard on that proposal – you've already got all the pieces in place. You'll meet that deadline!

  2. Thanks for the shout-out! One of the things I've always loved about the writing community is how supportive it is, and how we celebrate each other's successes. This week I've been buried under an avalanche of love. It's wonderfully amazing. 🙂

    p.s. Ventura County?? I grew up there! Must go check this out!

  3. Elana: Happy surfing 🙂

    Tricia: I love good news too — even when it's not mine!

    Katie: Oh, yeah. Pretty cool stuff for everyone 🙂

    Corey: Enjoy!

    LiLa: Isn't it fun? I'm glad that bloggers are finding success, even in a down economy!

    Susan: You are so welcome. It's always good news when one of “us” succeeds!!

    Carolyn: AWESOME!! Congratulations!!

    Karen: One of my critique partners will be there too! I'm so glad they were able to relocate it. Have fun!

  4. Medeia: Me too! Good news for great people always makes me happy 🙂

    Gipsy: That's awesome news! Congratulations! It's always nice to know our work is appreciated 😀

    PHT: Good luck on the WIP! Fingers crossed for you, too 🙂

    Bru: Thanks! I'll hop right over there!

  5. Nice to read lovely happenings in the blogosphere! Good news… well, I have written a short story I am happy with, am getting happier with my query letter, and am planning a fab blog contest soon!

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