Midnight Madness

It’s midnight and I’m still awake, rewriting the opening chapters of a book I thought was done. Now I see that I was wrong and I’m excited with where it’s going.

I don’t know why, but I seem to write better when everyone else is at home asleep. No distractions from email, the phone or hungry family members. I’ve had all day to mull over the possibilities. The words flow better for me at night. I’ll might regret it tomorrow when I see the bags under my eyes and I can’t keep up with the kids. But it’s been a good writing night. When I finish this post, I think I’ll write a little more.

As it happens, the cutoff for entering the drawing for a Barrie Summy book was at midnight so I went ahead and did the drawing, right on time. Each person was assigned a number and the generator at random.org chose two winners for me:

Lydia Kang won I So Don’t Do Mysteries

and woo-hoo, my critique partner and good friend

Lori Walker won I So Don’t Do Makeup.

Congratulations ladies! I’ll get these books out to you both right away.

18 thoughts on “Midnight Madness

  1. Okay, I had to delete my comment after reading all those typos!!!

    Here's a corrected comment. See, I stayed up wayyy too late. 😉

    Yay! Congrats to the winners!

    And yay for writing something you at least think is fantastic! I'm sure it will still be fantastic when you wake up. 🙂

    I was up really late writing, as well…working on your edits! And guess what I did? Wrote more to the ending! It's short and sweet, but I'm much happier with it than the ending you read. I think you will be, too. 😀

  2. There's something about the silence and the darkness. I totally get it. I also dread the morning and the kids, but the night writing is worth it. ( Not to be confused with knight rider.)

  3. When my son was younger, I'd get some of my best writing done between the time he went to bed with a book & the hour or so later, I'd go in to tuck him in and turn off the light. Somehow, that time was settled & quiet and open. Now, of course, he could stay up hours PAST me if I let him, so…mornings for me, this summer, anyway.

    And yay for the new opening!

  4. Mother Hen: I did sleep until almost 8 but now I have to get the kids to the dentist. Reading time for me 🙂

    Marissa: Glad you enjoyed the basket!

    Michelle: I'm thrilled that the edits are helping you out. I'm really excited to see your final book!

    Kristan: I feel like a slug after being up so late. While the kids get their teeth cleaned, I'll be sucking down coffee 🙂

    Stina: I have that strange buzzing in the back of my head, but so far, it was worth it!

    Cindy: There's something magical that happens at night, isn't there? Even without David Hasselhoff ;P

    Lois: I think with all my distractions asleep, my brain is free to dig into the story. If only I could just get everyone to bed earlier!

  5. Wow! Thanks so much! i'm really psyched to read this after reading the review!
    If I didn't already give you my email, it's lydiakang (at) yahoo (dot) com.

    And I definitely get plenty of writing down late at night too. Too bad it doesn't mix well with waking up early for work. :{

  6. I love when the writing groove strikes! It's been misery having virtually no uninterrupted time to write during the summer. I simply can't get much productive writing in the 2 minutes between queries from the children. 🙂

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