Highlights from SCBWI-LA

What an amazing weekend this has been. Dancing with Bruce Hale on Saturday night was absolutely a highlight, but some of the breakout sessions have blown me away. I always know I’ll be inspired, but I’m often surprised by where and who.

Some of my favorite quotes from keynote speakers:

Gordon Korman: When we are writing for kids, we’re writing for ourselves.

Gail Carson Levine: Plot arises out of situation, how the main character reacts to the situation. We all create plot as we create our lives. We become ourselves through our acts and so do our characters.

Marion Dane Bauer: If you don’t have a struggle, you don’t have a story. Story is something that feeds you, that answers your deepest needs. As you write, you discover your own personal truth.

Rachel Vail: Sometimes the deleting is the most important part of the writing. Do not fall in love with your words or your characters. Be ruthless and cut what doesn’t work.

Gennifer Choldenko: The best novels teach us something about ourselves. Give yourself space to take risks.

I’ll do a more coherent post once I’ve gotten home and had a chance to process more of what I’ve learned. Today, I’ll be soaking up more and hoping it all stays with me for the next year…

12 thoughts on “Highlights from SCBWI-LA

  1. Beth: I did not run into Elizabeth, but if I go next year I'll make it a point to meet her.

    Kristan: That's just the tip of the talent and wonderful advice that was dispensed over the weekend!

    Lydia: This is my second year, and for me, so worthwhile. I always come away inspired.

    JEM: There were so many good ones to choose from. The whole weekend was like a giant soundbyte!

    Shannon: Gail's entire keynote was amazing. I couldn't write it all down fast enough! She's a great teacher.

    Lori: I got a hug and then he pulled me onto the dance floor. I just love that man!

    Laura: You're very welcome πŸ™‚

    Elaine: I'm always inspired at SCBWI-LA. So much good stuff!

    Kelly: I'm enjoying them too, especially when they're about sessions I missed πŸ™‚

    Kim: It was great to meet you too!

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