Prepping for WriteOnCon

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about WriteOnCon, the awesome FREE writers conference that is the brainchild of Casey McCormick, Elana Johnson, Shannon Messenger, Jamie Harrington, Lisa & Laura Roecker, and Jennifer Stayrook. If you haven’t already registered, head on over there. It’s FREE. What have you got to lose?

I’ve interviewed a few of the authors, editors and agents who will be presenting during the conference, so I thought I’d post some links here so you can anonymously stalk read a bit more about them before the conference starts tomorrow.

Weronika Janczuk is the newest agent at D4EO Literary Agency. I knew that girl was going places when I interviewed her back in March! Read the announcement on her blog then read her interview here.

Joanna Stampfel-Volpe, from Nancy Coffey Literary Agency, is one of the coolest agents you could ever hope to know. Famously generous with her time and advice for writers, it’s no surprise that she was willing to be part of this conference. Join the Epic Query Contest she’s hosting after you read her interview here.

I interviewed former California girl Kendra Levin on the blog on Friday. An associate editor at Viking Children’s Books, Kendra will be addressing revisions tomorrow on the conference schedule. Read her interview here.

Author and master critiquer Cynthea Liu always has great advice for writers. Like Kendra, she’ll be tackling the revision process on Wednesday’s conference schedule. In this interview from last year, she talks about writing, marketing and the aftermath of the epic fundraiser that launched PARIS PAN TAKES THE DARE.

The Story Queen herself, author Shelley Moore Thomas, signed with Joanna Stampfel-Volpe earlier this year. Last week she announced the sale of her first novel. Woo-hoo! Read her announcement here and my interview with her here.

If that’s not enough to keep you busy, head on over to WriteOnCon to look at the schedule, explore the forums, or check out the faculty of agents and editors, writers and illustrators. I’ll be “attending” the conference so don’t look for another post from me until Friday. Until then, have a great week!

11 thoughts on “Prepping for WriteOnCon

  1. Those gals (and guys) are so wonderful to do Write On Con. I hope everyone can make at least some of it! Thanks for the reminder of all your great interviews to get ready for it. Have a wonderful week, Sherrie!

  2. Katie: Woo-hoo! I'm looking forward to it too 🙂

    Jackee: The organizers are pretty amazing, aren't they?

    Karen: They've put together an incredible lineup. Should be great!

    JEM: I think all 1000+ of us that signed up are excited 🙂

    Kristan: I sympathize, believe me!

    Suzanne: I'm so bummed we didn't get to meet in person in L.A. This should be a good conference, too, although we still won't be in person 🙂

  3. hi miss sherrie! i hope you have a really good time at that confrence and learn lots of neat stuff you could share. its good that its free and you dont need to go to far away to get there. 🙂
    …smiles from lenny

  4. What a great faculty! And OMG, I had no idea about Shelley's first novel selling! I am sooo excited for her! Thanks for sharing the news!

    I know I already told you this, but is was so cool meeting you in person!


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