Team Peeta? Team Gale?

One week from tomorrow it comes out.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you need to get to a book store and buy the first two books because let me tell you, everyone’s going to be talking about Katniss, Peeta and Gale next week. And for good reason.

I reread The Hunger Games a few months ago. My son was curious about it so I read it out loud to him. It was my third reading, and still I discovered things that I didn’t notice on my first two times through, details that she weaves into the story, things you don’t pick up on until you know the ending.

Then on Saturday I picked up Catching Fire, just intending to read a chapter, admire the prose. Yeah, right. I was totally sucked into the story, unable to put it down until I’d devoured the entire book again. And I have to say, I appreciated it more this time through. Maybe because I wasn’t holding my breath as I turned each page. Amazingly, the tension was still there on every page, but I was really reading every page, not racing to find out what happens next.

So now I’m pumped. I’ll be poised with my Kindle at midnight to download the book so I don’t have to wait until the bookstore opens at 10am. I’m too eager to read it. But I’ll be getting a physical copy of as well. I know, totally crazy. What can I say. It’s just that kind of book. I must read it the minute it’s available and I must have a copy that I can touch and flip through and read again. And again.

Just out of curiosity — are you Team Peeta or Team Gale?

18 thoughts on “Team Peeta? Team Gale?

  1. I'm Team Peeta, but Katniss needs to go with her heart.
    I can't wait to see how it ends!
    I just got an email that Suzanne Collins will be at a book store about an hour away in October. I may have to make the journey and see her!

  2. A) Team Peeta.
    B) I just finished rereading Hunger Games and am about to start Catching Fire!!!! “Amazingly, the tension was still there on every page, but I was really reading every page, not racing to find out what happens next.” = SO TRUE. I love it.

  3. Team Cinna?

    Hah! Yeah, I don't know. I'm leaning more towards Team Gale because I don't like that whole attracted to his attraction thing. But Gale has some of that, too.

    Am re-reading Hunger Gmes right now. I thought I'd go through it slowly and really pay attention to the craft and how she pulls you along. Um. yeah. Not so much. Just devouring it again albeit at a slower pace than the first time.

    I've pre-ordered this one and three others. Will be fun to get them at my door and know the day is now shot.

  4. Christine: I woke up thinking about it this morning. Beyond excited over here!

    Tabitha: I have a feeling no matter which way it goes, we're going to have our hearts torn out…

    Kelly: Omigosh you have to go!!

    Kristan: They're even better the second time through, don't you think? She's such a brilliant writer.

    Shelley: Finnick rocks, doesn't he?!

    Sarah: I think Cinna is my favorite character. He's so understated and levelheaded. But I'm terrified to find out what happens to him!

    Meg: Dude! You have to read these books!!

    Susan: Sending Meg your way 🙂

  5. hi miss sherrie! team atlanta braves for sure! ha ha. i could hear youre sooooo excited about this book. i dont know any of the books your talked about. how old a reader are they for?
    …smiles from lenny

  6. So, I've heard so much about this series that I finally went to the library to try and rent it (I like to read before I buy to make sure I like it, even though I've heard nothing but praise). Unfortunately, there were like 140 holds or something like that. Sheesh! So, I'll probably just go buy it. I have a feeling I won't be disappointed 🙂

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