That Unexpected Something

Venice Beach is known for its crazies.

In the space of a city block you can pass by a wannabe Captain Jack Sparrow, fat Elvis and a six-foot-tall Yoda swinging his lightsabers around. You’ll be serenaded by the Worlds Greatest Wino singing, “Jingle bells, jingle bells, help me get drunk,” every day of the year.

Guys on bikes with surfboards under their arms cruise by muscle men pumping iron and people hawking cds they burned on their computers the night before.

But if you wander just two blocks away from the boardwalk, you’ll find this. A quiet, completely unexpected little paradise hidden behind the houses.

Every novel needs to have something unexpected, something that takes our breath away and surprises us, makes us want to turn the page.

We just have to be willing to wander away from the crowd and make visible that unexpected something…

16 thoughts on “That Unexpected Something

  1. Carolyn: I'm always impressed by books that can surprise me with a little something unexpected.

    Corey: I'm so glad 🙂

    Laura: I love finding things off the beaten path when I travel. Now I just have to apply that in my writing!

    Christine: Yes, and it's amazing how much you learn about yourself and the story when you're willing to take those risks.

    Jackee: I like to be surprised, too. Hope your weekend is great as well!

    Kristan: Thanks!

    Anne: Good point. Finding something unexpected can be just as exhilarating as an action filled scene.

  2. I love finding the unexpected. My favorite part of traveling is just that. In Venice, Italy, I loved the interior parts of the city and wandering in little churches, each with it's own art collection.
    Venice, Calif. is my old stomping grounds, so I know it well. The canals were built at the turn of the 20th century to mimic its Italian namesake. They are, indeed, a quiet treasure.

  3. Sharon: Surprise is good 🙂

    Tricia: I'm glad that not all of them got filled in and made into roads. They are great treasure in the city.

    LiLa: *blushes* Thanks!

    Lois: Tons of movies have been filmed in Venice, including “White Men Can't Jump,” “Nightmare on Elm Street,” and most recently, “Valentine's Day.”

    Christy: It's a great place to visit!

    Medeia: I think we all like to find a bit of the unexpected every day.

    Michelle: Glad it resonated for you!

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