From the Mind of a 7-Year-Old

Emptying backpacks after school is never my idea of fun, but when I come across a gem like this, I immediately change my mind. This was from an in-class writing assignment. The teacher gave them the first few words of each sentence and they had to write words that described themselves.

I am happy, adventurous, fast.
Lover of animals and space.
Who dreams of space and dinosaurs.
Who fears spiders and were-wolves.
Who wishes 5Β’ could get you a pound of candy.

Last year she was scared of coyotes, now it’s werewolves. *sigh* I might have to give her Shiver sooner than later. That’ll cure that fear πŸ™‚Β  But that’s my daughter. It’s a snapshot of being seven that I plan to hold on to for a while.

20 thoughts on “From the Mind of a 7-Year-Old

  1. hi miss sherrie! wow thats fun stuff. im with her on the dinosaurs and candy for sure. for me were-wolves are neat. haha. you just gotta save that for her. i just read in my new writers book you should save stuff you wrote when youre little cause when you get older you could forget and it could be good if youre a writer. my book said save everything you ever write.
    …smiles from lenny

  2. This is so awesome for a 7-yr-old! And it's one of those things that you can pull out in ten years and show her. “See what you wrote?”
    It IS a gem : )

  3. That's so nice to have! What a great find! Nice to meet you at Karen's BBQ.

    I am on vacation so very happy,
    Lover of God and animals,
    Who dreams of retiring one day and volunteering at an animal shelter,
    Who fears bees and wasps and
    Who wishes there wouldn't be so much suffering in the world.

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