Look Who has a Book Coming Out…

No. It’s not me.

In fact, my Monday in the writing cave was not uninterrupted. I think the evil gods of writing must have read my post and decided to blow that dream to smithereens. I got a bit done, but between the phone, the doorbell and my own frazzled lack of focus, it didn’t add up to much. Next time I’m leaving the house.

Of course, I shouldn’t complain about a busy schedule or multiple interruptions. I mean, President Obama probably has a WAY busier schedule than me, and still, in between tax cut battles in congress, redecorating the oval office and running a war or two,  the man managed to write a children’s book.

Seriously. It’s coming out in November.

And here is why I love the women in my critique group. When I groused about it in an email, this was the reaction I got from one of them: And I’ll just go ahead and run the country for a while!

Well. She’d probably do a really good job 🙂

18 thoughts on “Look Who has a Book Coming Out…

  1. I have had more time since the kids are back in school but life keeps throwing me other stuff to do!!!! I've been writing but not on a regular schedule like I'd hoped. Good luck to both of us!

  2. Good to find out he wrote it before taking office because, as The President, he's required to be super-human enough, right?

    I'm way more interested in reading his book than other celebrity children's writers whose work is so bad I won't even name names . . .

  3. I think he made the deal for this book and two non fiction books in 2004. But still, he was a very busy senator at the time, if that's closer to when the book was actually written.

    I'd love to hear more about his process.

  4. Um, I really hope he had a ghost writer. 🙂 Not that he can't write, per se, just that he needs to be doing other things! (still, I'd much rather see a book from the Prez than a book from most of the celebrities that “write” books).

  5. Good lord, how did he find the time to write a book?! Even before he was president, he still had to have been busy. More power to him, I say.

    For me, writing has been forced to get out of the backseat and hitchhike for awhile. College apps, scholarship deadlines…oh, the joys of senior year!

  6. I know I don't want to run the country. But I've no doubt children's writers would do a better job than most politicians. :o)

    Sorry you didn't get a lot done in the cave. I hope today was better, Sherrie!

  7. Yeah–I'm thinking he had a ghost writer. Surely he did!! Even if he didn't–remember, he has a staff. I mean, I doubt he's doing the laundry . . . or his own typing, ya know? And, the country basically runs itself, right??

    I was glad to hear that he's giving away all of his proceeds.


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