Danish Days

When the Vikings start pitching tents and cleaning their spears in Solvang Park, it can only mean one thing: it’s Danish Days!

Every September Solvang lures gullible tourists into town celebrates its Danish heritage with a weekend of parades, Æbleskiver, Danish dancers and entertainment of all kinds. (My kids were entranced by the woman on an 8-foot unicycle juggling lit torches. Okay, so was I.)

Usually we stay away from town when big events like this are happening. We love the peace and tranquility of Solvang and it’s insane on Danish Days weekend. This year, my son’s class had a booth in the park to raise money for Science Camp so for the first time ever, we spent two days hanging out downtown for the event. And I have to admit, it was kind of fun.

The guy carving bears with a chainsaw was pretty amazing to watch. Flying cedar chips were a bit of a hazard and it was LOUD. But it was pretty incredible to watch him create something out of a log. With a chainsaw. I’m pretty sure I’d have mutilated myself if I tried to do something like that.

 The Æbleskiver breakfast is probably one of the most popular events. Æbleskiver are a Danish treat, kind of like a pancake ball topped with powdered sugar and raspberry jelly. Yum!

Then there are the amazing papirklips created by Rick Marzullo. This Danish art form, using tiny scissors to cut paper into intricate designs, is simply amazing. The detail doesn’t show up well in this photo but if you can imagine, creating this mermaid with nothing but a pair of scissors…I was always the kid who ended up with a holey diamond instead of a snowflake, so Rick’s talent leaves me in awe.

And while this has nothing to do with Danish Days, it does have to do with Solvang and my friends Ted and Peggy Lane who own the fabulous Apple Lane Orchard. Jennie Garth (who has a home in this area) filmed a couple of promos for Pillsbury at the orchard last week. Jennie never says where she is, but in the background of one segment, you can see Ted’s antique car with the Apple Lane logo on the door.

Trust me, I’m NOT schilling for Pillsbury, but Peggy was so excited that they filmed at her place and I think it’s pretty cool, too. Perfect Apple Pie with Jennie Garth is the promo that shows Ted’s car.

As for my son’s booth at Danish Days, his class earned $309 which is more than enough to send one kid to Science Camp for four days. Not bad. Now we just have to raise money for the other 17 kids in his class 🙂

19 thoughts on “Danish Days

  1. That's great that your son's class raised some money at a great community event. I so have a taste for the powdered sugar jelly things now. I really do, they look so good!
    Just think how much practice the chainsaw guy had before he made a bear that looked like a bear. That is living on the edge!

  2. Mother Hen: It was pretty exciting. My kids had a blast.

    Shelley: My son's class had a basketball toss, $1 for three shots. So I was surprised that even with more than $200 in expenses, they still cleared $309. That's a LOT of basketballs being thrown!!

    Kelly: You'll just have to come visit. Trust me. The Æbleskiver are DElicious!

  3. You really do live in one of the coolest places in Cali. :o) And I want that truck… or an apple orchard… I'm not choosey! lol

    Thanks for sharing, Sherrie, and good luck with the 17 more scholarships to earn. :o)

  4. I would love to see all that mayhem and goings on in Solvang. Of course, it it were an annual thing in Chicago, I'd probably avoid it like the plague…like I avoid the St. Patrick's Day parade and the Festival of Lights parade and…the list goes on. 🙂

    Funny how if the chaos is in someone else's area, we're proably all for it. But if its in our own, well…I'll pass. 🙂

  5. Hurrah for Danish Days! I guess my whole family is down for next year. My daughter has it all planned out. I may have to bust out my Aebleskiver pan for crit. group. Your post made me hungry for them.

  6. Yay for Science Camp! Your son is awesome, for all his hard work.

    I was just thinking I wanted to take the kids Apple picking soon. I wish I was close enough (just another 1000 miles or so) to be able to visit your friends' farm. 🙂

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