Tender, Flaky Layers

I spent most of Sunday at a friend’s house learning to make croissants. We used an old recipe from Julia Childs that required a ton of butter and plenty of muscle for rolling. To be done properly, you really need more than a day. Luckily, my friend had dough already prepared at different stages for us so that we could maximize our time.

Croissants are finicky. You spend a lot of time chilling, rolling and folding the dough over the butter, working it in so that you wind up with the buttery layers that make them so distinctive. In fact, by the time you end up cutting the dough into the crescent shape, you’ve rolled and folded 55 layers of dough.


So of course this made me think of writing. We’re supposed to have many layers in our stories: tender, flaky layers that draw readers in and give our story depth. Sometimes it’s hard to know if we’ve given the story enough chilling time, if we’ve stretched and folded the characters to their breaking point. But for today, I challenge you to try and discover a new layer for your story, something that will hook your reader and make the story uniquely yours. You might not end up with fifty-five layers of depth, but it might not be a bad idea to try.

23 thoughts on “Tender, Flaky Layers

  1. What a perfect analogy to come out of Solvang. Is there something in the water that makes everybody a baker in that town? (To anybody who hasn't been there, it is heaven for foodies. And you will never find better Danish pastry, even in Denmark.)

    Oh, and the writing layer thing is pretty good too.

  2. Nice one. So how were the homemade croissants? I've never actually gone to all that trouble. I just buy it in the frozen section. Can't do that when writing a story though. The words come out all prepackaged.

  3. hi miss sherrie! you mostly made people hungry on this post. ha ha yikes! 55 flayers (thats flaky layers all in one word)ha ha. i just learned that word analogy so i can say this is a good one for writing. im revising stuff now but i don't know which layer im on. right now im gonna go with all those hungry commenters and get me a croissant with some apricot jam. yummy for sure!
    …hugs from lenny

  4. A great challenge and a great analogy! :o) I can almost taste that buttery flakiness in my mouth.

    I'm going to find a new layer today. I will try at least!

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