Birthdays and Alternates

Not so long ago on Candyland’s blog I met the wonderful Lenny Lee. If you haven’t visited the blog of this amazing 11-year-old writer, you really should. Through him I’ve learned about doggy lifeguards and the importance of hugging. This post for mother’s day will blow you away.

Today is Lenny’s birthday and I just wanted to give him a shout out. Hope it’s a fabulous day, Lenny!!


And since we’re talking about wonderful boys, today I’m featuring a guest post from my favorite almost-11-year-old boy: my son. He’s written a review of one of his favorite books, The Force Unleashed, and written an alternate ending as well. Please welcome him here today!


A Review of The Force Unleashed

The Force Unleashed is one of the best Star Wars books ever. This book is based on the video game (which I must say is awesome). The main characters are Galen Marek who is Darth Vader’s secret apprentice, Juno Eclipse who is Galen’s chauffeur, Proxy who is Galen’s training droid, and of course, the one and only Darth Vader.

It starts out with Vader training his apprentice, and giving Galen a mission. Galen went to his destination to eliminate his target, a rouge jedi named Rahm Kota. He supposedly killed Kota and reported that to his master. Vader gave him another assignment to eliminate another jedi, which was completed as well. Finally, Vader gave him a last mission: to destroy the jedi master Shaak Ti. Galen successfully finised this mission, too, and went back to meet with Vader.

Galen’s next mission was to gather up a group of rebels to take on the Emperor. After weeks of work, Galen formed a small committee. But unfortunately, as soon as the alliance was formed, it was destroyed. Vader led a party of stormtroopers into the meeting, injuring Galen and capturing the rest of the alliance. Juno and Proxy found Galen and dropped him off at the Death Star, where he found the Emperor. (Start reading alternate ending or read next paragraph for the book’s ending.)

Galen freed the rebels, which escaped with Juno. Galen stayed, and dueled with Vader. He wounded the dark lord and turned on the Emperor. The Emperor released a full blast of sith lightning on Galen, who simultaneously sent a force blast so large, the Death Star nearly exploded. The Emperor increased his lightning until Galen’s inert body fell to the ground. As Galen felt his life being drained from him, Darth Vader crushed his dead apprentice’s lightsaber.

Pretty unhappy ending, huh? Well, if you keep reading, then you will witness my alternate ending.

Alternate Ending

Another staggering, painful step and the Emperor was within the apprentice’s reach. With shaking fingers, he took the old man’s bony shoulders in his hands and gripped them tight. The lightning engulfed them both, and Galen jumped back. He pulled his lightsaber from his waist, and ignited its red blade.

He looked out of the Death Star’s window for a moment, and saw the Rebel ship leaving. Suddenly, turbolasers flared, and the ship exploded.

The Emperor looked at Galen, and laughed. “You see, youngling, there is no hope now!”

No, he thought. No!!!

But it was too late. Galen had given in to the Dark Side. He roared, and rushed at Palpatine, lightsaber raised. He swung the blade in a deadly arc, severing the old man in two.

Galen deactivated his lightsaber, looking at the two halves of the Galactic Emperor. What have I done?!?

He turned to see Darth Vader, standing behind him. “What–what–?” the Dark Lord spluttered. “You will pay for this, my apprentice!”

Galen reactivated his lightsaber. “I am no longer your apprentice. I will soon be the master!” He charged at Vader, and their lightsabers clashed once more.

Vader swept his weapon up, and brought it down toward Galen. Galen dodged, and outstretched his hand. A wave of Force knocked Vader to the ground. The Dark Lord skittered across the floor and banged against the wall.

“Ugh!” Vader grunted. He stood up, and somersaulted in the air before landing in front of the apprentice.

Right as Vader landed, Galen stuck his lightsaber straight out. “Huh?” Vader muttered. He looked down, and saw a lightsaber protruding from his stomach. “How–?” And the Dark Lord sank to the floor.

Galen stared at the carnage. Dead stormtroopers lay everywhere, and the remains of the Emperor and Vader haunted him. Galen put his lightsaber back in his cloak. There is no going back now.


I hope you have enjoyed my review on The Force Unleashed, and my Alternate Ending.

16 thoughts on “Birthdays and Alternates

  1. Wow, Lenny's blog is great. His Mother's Day post brought me to tears…

    Also, haha, your son clearly inherited the writing bug from you. Love his alternate ending.

  2. First, Lenny is great. Thanks for sharing another cool discovery w/me. Happy B-day to Lenny!

    Second, how much fun is it to have another writer in the family?! Drew's book review was good, but his alternate ending was awesome. What a twist! Can't wait to share this post w/my own sons/Star Wars fans.

  3. hi miss sherri! thanks for the happy birthday post. its real nice that you did that for me. im getting lots of happy birthdays all over the place and i got bunches of cards. this is the best birthday ever. that book review and the alternate ending are awesome.
    …hugs from lenny

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