Robot Huck Finn

This video literally made me laugh out loud. It seems like a good one for this President’s Day, where we celebrate men known for the changes they made in America. What will be the impact of these literary changes? How far have we really come?

9 thoughts on “Robot Huck Finn

  1. This was funny but in many ways sad. Unfortunately, racism is still very much alive – that's probably why people are so uncomfortable with that book because they want to brush the subject under the rug. They did a great job with that video.

  2. “Everybody wins! Especially the robots.”
    Hilarious. I don't have kids yet, so I can't imagine what kind of joys I have to look forward to in the form of small-minded sensationalists.

  3. Lord love a duck. this video shows the lunacy of the whole thing as nothing else has. School is the last place we want to deal with anything uncomfortable or inconvenient. Indeed. Perfect. Just perfect. Sometimes the things that go on in this country to cover what we DON't want to admit, in the name of PC… makes me wanna throw things. Great entry.

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