Bee Proud

My son has always been a good speller. Since he started taking spelling tests in Kindergarten, he has only missed two words. And one of those was in First Grade when he mixed up a “b” and a “d” spelling dlack instead of black. Maybe it’s all those hours spent reading…who’d have thought!

Last year he went to the Santa Barbara County spelling bee and spelled out in the second round. Disappointed, he determined to do better next time. This year, he finished third.

It took 74 words to get him out, and let me tell you, by the time it got down to the last ten kids, I was having trouble breathing. Every time he spelled a word right, he’d look across the room and smile at me. I fought to keep the tears in because no 6th grader wants to see his mother bawling in the audience. But I was so overcome with emotion, SO incredibly proud of him.

The top two finishers get to go to the state level spelling bee. If one of them can’t make it, my son can take their place. For him, the best part was finding out that he got not only the trophy (with his name soon to be engraved on it), but $25 cash. In addition, a representative from the Mason’s will be going to his school in a few weeks to present him with the engraved trophy and another check in front of the whole school. All for being a good speller.

In a world where basketball stars and strung out actresses make more money than a whole staff of teachers and librarians, it’s incredibly cool to see someone rewarded for hard work and using their brain. Especially when that someone is my child ๐Ÿ˜€

18 thoughts on “Bee Proud

  1. Oh, congratulations!!! That is so cool. And let me say I got a little teary just reading it.

    I won my 4th grade spelling bee with radiator. Didn't get a prize but it was cool nonetheless.

  2. That's wonderful!! Great job and kudos to your son!

    I know it's tough as a parent to watch them–yes, even succeed. The pride in their accomplishments somehow to seep into ourselves. We are the ones, after all, who've given them their wings. It's a good feeling. Nice job, Mom.

  3. Oh this does warm the cockles of my heart. I'm such a bad speller and envy (just a bit) those who spell well, who enjoy things like spelling bees. Here's to your son going All The Way!

  4. So exciting ๐Ÿ™‚

    And your point about celebrities making tons of money for just … being celebrities as opposed to the lesser-paid (and infinitely more valuable to humanity) professions is a good one.

    Congrats to the spelling champ!

  5. Oh wow, that's awesome. And yes I'd be bawling too. But don't we have the right to do that?

    My 1st grader mixes up her B and D, too. At least now I know she'll have hope (unless she inherited my spelling genes). ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. hi miss sherrie! woweee! how cool is that! im thinking is pretty hard standing up on that stage in front of lots of people and trying to think how to spell something. for me that makes him lots more cool. for sure you gotta be the most proud mom.
    …hugs from lenny

  7. This TOTALLY ROCKS! I know how proud you must have felt, and seriously? I would have been embarrassing my kid like crazy with rivers of tears of joy.

    One of the best parts of being on the school board is getting to see kids come up and accept their trophies and accolades for their accomplishments. Parents and siblings come. It's awesome to shake these future leaders hands while they are still small. ๐Ÿ™‚

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