Read Across America Day

If Dr. Seuss was still alive, he’d be 107 years old. And probably pretty amazed by the legacy he’s left behind.

To celebrate his birthday (and encourage young readers) the National Education Association established Read Across America Day in 1998. Schools, libraries and book stores observe the day in different ways. My daughter’s third grade class gets to have a reading party before lunch. The kids bring in a stuffed animal or pillow and a favorite book to share.

But the celebration doesn’t last for just one day. March is Read Across America month and NEA has an downloadable calendar with resources and ideas for keeping kids reading every day of the year.

Their website has plenty of ideas for creating reading events that support literacy for children.

And if you’d like to win a wonderful book to read with a child (or on your own!) leave a comment on the post below before midnight on Thursday. The winner will be announced Friday. Happy reading!

21 thoughts on “Read Across America Day

  1. Sigh. I need to own more Shel Silverstein. I've got tons of Dr. Seuss, but those men were geniuses. I love anything that encourages reading!

  2. I put up a bulletin board in the library with that poem on it. We're filling it with stars that the kids fill out when they read with someone. It's a big hit!

  3. Goodness, I totally remember those reading parties! I loved them!

    I think we also used to get awards at the end of the month if made whatever goal was set up.

  4. A friend of mine once told me she never liked Dr. Seuss books. My theory is that she was never a child. I can't explain it any other way.

    I still love her anyway.

    I guess.

  5. Apparently in Canada his birthday wasn't a big deal. Not one of my kids mentioned it today. I was going to read them one of his books, but forgot. 😦

    Oh, well. It's the thought that counts.

  6. LOVE Dr. Seuss (and Read Across America Day!) and all the celebrations in honor of him at school (my daughter's preschool class taste-tested green eggs and ham, then surveyed who liked/didn't like!).

  7. This is so wonderful! The decline in literacy makes me soooo sad. My friends don't understand the joys of a good book. I was studying with my friend in the public library, and she was afraid someone in our school would see her there. Needless to say, she is no longer my friend. (jk)
    I think I'll tell my English teacher about it on Monday…

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