A Few of My Favorite Things

Sweet, juicy, strawberries in March. And do you see how big they are? 
That’s a quarter on the table beside them. Ginormous!
Watching my son catch a fish…
…and then feed it to this guy.
Seeing snow up on the mountains when it’s over 90 degrees here in the valley. 
Sadly, most of this has melted now.

All the amazing bloggers I’ve met. You all ROCK!!

20 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Things

  1. hi miss sherrie! wow i could love eating a couple of those strawberries for sure. cool picture. i like that you shared some of your favorite stuff.
    …hugs from lenny

  2. Yum! My husband just got some awesome strawberries in to make Strawberry balsamic sorbet for work! It's amazing!

    (Not quite as amazing as awesome bloggers, of course!)

    Have a great weekend, Sherrie!

  3. Yep, he really did. Not by hand. He threw it on the dock and the pelican hopped over and gulped it down. It was pretty cool. Those birds are NOT shy! He actually chased my son down wanting more 🙂

  4. Fab photos. Especially the one of the snow on the mountains in the distance. I am off to Idaho soon and i hope there is sun in the valley and lots of snow on the mountains.

  5. Holy cats, now that's a strawberry. You are SO making me miss California. My fondest memory of kids fishing is when my husbands uncle dared my son to kiss the fish he just caught … and he did!

    Ew…just ew!

    I made him do it again, so we could take a picture. 🙂

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