The Brilliance of Others

Maybe it’s because my life is all about summer right now.

Maybe it’s because all my creativity is going into my WIP and the yummy things I’ve been cooking up in the kitchen.

Maybe it’s because that stack of bills I’ve been ignoring keeps staring at me reproachfully, warning me that they can’t be avoided much longer.

Maybe it’s all of the above?

Nothing I write in this little space could be as brilliant as what Michelle Argyle wrote here. The last few days haven’t offered up any heartwarming moments like this one from Susan Quinn. I haven’t got a new cover to reveal like Beth Revis. And my babies are much larger than Tiana Smith’s new bundle of joy.

So while I don’t have much to say today, it’s good to know that others do. Especially when I read a post like this over at *Headdesk*, inspired by something I wrote a few weeks ago! (Always happy to create stress for my readers! Sorry, Mandy — and you’re welcome!)

Back to the writing cave I go. Isn’t summer wonderful?

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