Free Education

Let’s face it: there are plenty of books, conferences and classes designed to separate writers from the small amount of cash in their pockets. But every once in a while, something comes along that’s worth far more than you have to pay. This week, there are two great resources for writers that you should take advantage of.

Write on Con 
This FREE online conference, now in its second year, started yesterday with an amazing lineup of presenters like Holly Root, Jay Asher and Shelley Moore Thomas. There’s plenty more to come in the next few days, including live chats you won’t want to miss. The full schedule is here.

Portable MFA in Creative Writing
How many times have you daydreamed about pursuing an MFA? Well here’s your chance to download a virtual version from the New York Writer’s Workshop. The ebook has chapters on fiction, personal essays and memoir, magazine writing, poetry and playwriting, written by NYWW instructors. And for a limited time, you can download your own FREE copy from either Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Know of any other good educational resources for writers? Tell me in the comments!

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