Technical Difficulties

So, scheduling a drawing for the day I moved into a new house was probably not my brightest moment. Especially since we still don’t have phone or internet service at the new house. Right now I’m sitting in front of a coffee house that closed hours ago, taking advantage of the free wireless access. Yeah, I’m that desperate for the internet 😛

I should probably announce the winner before the cops show up to haul me away for loitering, so, without any further adieu, the winner of my ARC of LEGEND is:

Yay, Kathryn! Email me with your snail mail address and I’ll get this book out to you (relatively) soon!

I’ll be back in two weeks after we’ve settled into the new house since, theoretically, my internet service should be working by then. Based on past experiences with Verizon, I’m crossing my fingers but not holding out much hope…

Have a good weekend!!

11 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties

  1. Congrats to Kathryn!

    Good luck with settling in!

    My internet was down at my college apt once, and I hauled my stuff all the way to campus to use the free wifi. 😛 Don't loiter too late. Haha.

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