Resolutions vs. Goals

I’ve never been a fan of New Year’s Resolutions. They just seem to set me up for failure. And this year, I plan to succeed. Really.

Instead of setting resolutions, I made a list of concrete writing goals and pulled out a calendar to set guidelines for when I could reasonably expect to accomplish them. After being in a writing funk last year, I realized that I have several projects that I’ve abandoned along the way that I’d like to revisit this year. One book is complete, but needs to be totally rewritten. One is 75 percent complete but requires more research. Another one is fully outlined but only written about a third of the way. I set goals for outlining, research, writing and editing, to give myself time to focus on each story and get them finished.

Maybe it’s just semantics, but I’m excited about putting these goals into action. I think writing out specific goals on a timeline will help me focus. And hopefully keep me from becoming another resolution statistic.

What about you – do you make resolutions or set writing goals for yourself?

5 thoughts on “Resolutions vs. Goals

  1. Hmmmm. Must have been something about 2013. I was in a writing funk of epic proportions the whole year. I did resolve to work on my writing every day, and it is working. I'm getting so much done and I feel renewed in my writing. I hope you reach your goals. Happy New Year.

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