On Becoming a Whovian

  • Take a guy who still obsesses over his original Star Wars action figures…
  • introduce him to a girl who can’t seem to stop reading books about faeries, Greek gods or intergalactic travel…
  • throw in two kids who constantly reference Gandalf, Dumbledore or Daleks in everyday conversation…
  • and what do you have?

Right! The Petersen household.

This summer my son turned me into a Whovian. (Thank you Netflix!) While some people may have wasted their summer swimming or getting tans, we watched back-to-back episodes of Dr. Who every weekend, making our way through several seasons before the end of summer. After all, we live in southern California. We can go to the beach any old day ;D

I’d like to point out that I introduced my son to the 10th doctor (David Tennant — my personal favorite) years ago when I recorded a couple of episodes that we watched together. Apparently, he was too young at the time, but with the seeds planted at a young age, it didn’t take much to nurture the curiosity into a full-blown mania.

These days he has become a walking repository of Who trivia. Not only does he know every current episode title and synopsis, he can also name the actors who portrayed the doctor and his companions from the very beginning of the series. And that’s just the tip of his extensive knowledge. (His father and I are holding out hope that this somehow proves useful in two years when he starts writing essays for college applications.)

In November I took him down to Universal City to see The Day of the Doctor on the big screen in 3-D, and his father is making plans to build him a walk-in book case that looks like a Tardis. Seriously. If those plans ever get off the ground, trust me, there will be photos.

What are your current obsessions, books, movies or otherwise?

12 thoughts on “On Becoming a Whovian

  1. Ooh, the TARDIS bookcase sounds awesome! If the hubs weren't busy trying to get tenure, he might attempt such a project too.

    I'm just coming off a voracious reading period myself. Mostly getting caught up on things folks had recommended to me. After Code Name Verity, I might be doing a lot more historic fic reading. It was AWESOME.

  2. We are being Whovians at our house, too! Alas, I also tried to introduce the show too early, terrifying my daughter, who had nightmares about Daleks. But a few years later, I tried again, and both daughters were hooked.

    So much so, that when we planned on a trip to UK last year, the girls insisted Cardiff, Wales get on the itinerary so they could visit the Doctor Who Museum.

    It ended up being fun for the whole family, and we got a BBC studio tour, too. We stood on the actual set of the TARDIS!

  3. Laurel: Code Name Verity was really good. I've always had a soft spot for historical fiction.

    Dianne: SOOOO jealous! My son and I were just talking today about visiting Cardiff in the next three years before he's off to college. I had to laugh about the Dalek nightmares 🙂

    Kelly: I think if you watched it you'd be hooked 🙂 We're headed to Harry Potter World next month. Can't wait to get some butterbeer!

  4. I've never watched Dr. Who, but I sure hear a lot about it. I'm more of a historical fiction gal than fantasy of any kind. It's nice you found something you and your kids can enjoy together.

  5. OMG! If I were to ever mention the Tardis bookcase to my daughter, she'd hound me about it for years! I'm keeping that one a secret.

    And you're heading to Harry Potter world at Universal down in Florida? Have fun. The main ride was great, even for someone like me that hates roller coasters. If you want any secrets for getting through the waiting line more quickly, drop me a line.

  6. Rosi: I love historical fiction. In fact, one of my favorite historicals was written by Dianne Salerni. It's called We Hear the Dead. You should check it out 🙂

    Bish: Definitely add it. They're so much fun!

    Ken: I think if my husband pulls this off, he could probably make a business out of it!

    This is our second time to HP World so we're totally pumped. And the lines in February are WAY shorter than in the summer — which is why we're going then!

  7. I have not seen Dr. Who- but from what I have heard about it I really should check it out. Sounds like something I would love. I think your house sounds like lots of fun. 🙂

  8. I've never seen this show. I remember glancing at the old ones on PBS, but they didn't interest me enough. I wish I knew what everyone was talking about since so many bookish people like this show.

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