Losing my Name

I used to have a website called sherriepetersen.com. Made sense since that’s my name, right?

But a funny thing happened with my auto renewal.

It didn’t renew.

Because my credit card expired before the renewal date. And even though my web host tried to contact me, the email messages went to spam, so I never updated my credit card information. And wouldn’t you know, someone in Osaka was quick to jump on that domain name. Because a lot of people in Japan are named Sherrie Petersen.

Rather than try to get my name back from those poachers, I decided to go with something different that still has my name in it. And so, Sherrie Petersen Books was born. Right now a more accurate name would be Sherrie Petersen Book. As in I’ve got one book ready to show the world. But I’m an optimist. And I’ve set a goal to release at least one more book this year.

So, maybe by the time the people in Osaka realize that I’m okay with them having my name (hey, I’m happy to spread my name on multiple continents!), I’ll have lived up to the promise of this name.

Welcome to my new adventure!

2 thoughts on “Losing my Name

  1. Well I love the new site! And congrats on the forthcoming book. Can’t wait to check it out.

    But just so I know, will you be blogging here from now on, or still at solvangsherrie.blogspot.com, or both?

    • Thanks, Kristan! Glad you like the new site! I haven’t decided yet how long I’ll continue to blog at Write About Now. I think I’ll always keep it as an archive because there are so many interviews and things that still get read. But at some point (soon) I’ll start to blog exclusively over here. Thanks for visiting!

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