The Little Book That Could

wonderAlmost two years ago I read a book that a friend loaned me, a book with a cover that fascinated me from the start. Written by R. J. Palacio, the book was called Wonder. The book had a good story, great characters – always important for me to keep reading. And even though I cried through most of the second half – not because it was sad, more because the story just touched me – I ended up really enjoying it.

The amazing thing is, a lot of editors didn’t want to publish this book. They thought it would be a downer. Even the publisher who did pick it up, didn’t have high hopes for it; they only did a small print run. But word of mouth has turned this little book into a bestseller and two years later, it’s still topping the charts.

If you’re a writer, this story should give you hope. Hope that even a single title from an unknown author can catch on with readers and build on the strength of its merits. If you’re a reader, I hope you’ll continue to search for stories by unknown authors and give them a try. And maybe in the process, you’ll find something wonderful.

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3 thoughts on “The Little Book That Could

  1. Sherrie, yet another example of how the opinions of the people in publishing can often be myopic : / It’s all about opinion and judgment which is probably the biggest reason it’s so difficult pursuing publication. I didn’t know this bit of history behind WONDER, but am glad to! Thank you 🙂

    • Oh, Sherrie, thank you for this link! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It says SO much about what we already know is the gift of children’s literature. Brad Meltzer did a great thing, using his wide reach to promote such a book, and his quote — “To me, a good book is a good book.” — couldn’t be more right 😀 And it is instances like Racquel experienced that often spark WONDERful books like this. I still haven’t read it *sigh*

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