Lenny Lee Fest – Happy Birthday, Lenny!

Lenny-SunshineBlogging takes a lot of time, so I’ve always been impressed with the Kid Lit bloggers I’ve found who are also kids. People like Erik at This Kid Reviews Books, or Felicia at Stanley & Katrina.

But the first kid blogger I ever followed was Lenny Lee at Lenny’s World. Despite battling leukemia and being raised by his brothers, Lenny connected with writers and readers and always spread sunshine in his wake. Passionate about animals and great books, Lenny also wrote and critiqued with several adult writers. His posts have been simple and fun, or they could be heart-wrenchingly beautiful, like this one for his mother, Dear Mom.

Lenny hasn’t been blogging as much these days, but he’s still an avid reader and writer and I’m so excited that today he’s celebrating his 15th birthday. YAY LENNY!!! I know things aren’t always easy for you, but I’m so glad that you’ve shared your life with the rest of us. We’re better for knowing you.


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7 thoughts on “Lenny Lee Fest – Happy Birthday, Lenny!

  1. I remember that Dear Mom post. #tear, #sniffle Lenny is an amazing kid, who’s growing up to be a wonderful man. He hasn’t had it easy, yet he remains a great example of resilience to others. ((hugs)), Lenny!

  2. hi miss sherrie! wow what a really cool post. thanks for thinking of me on my birthday. i didn’t know i was the first kid blogger you followed. wow! how cool is that! makes me feel really special. 🙂 for sure im glad you did because i got a really nice blogger friend from it. 🙂 thanks for making my birthday extra special.

    …love and hugs from lenny

  3. Hi Sherrie – Lenny is special isn’t he … and he’s the only kid I’ve met who blogged. Though now I guess he’s a young man … and that Dear Mom post was and is very special … cheers Hilary

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