The Audiobook is Live!!

WYW-AudiobookCover-SmallishI’m so excited to tell you that the audiobook of WISH YOU WEREN’T is live! I didn’t realize after approving the final version that it would take Audible nearly two weeks to listen to it to make sure the quality was up to par, but I’m glad they did. Because that ensures that anyone who buys it is getting a good quality product.

The book is narrated by Edward Zebrowski. My daughter and I had so much fun listening to all the auditions to determine who had the right voice for Marten. Of course, he narrates the other characters as well, but since Marten really carries the book, his voice had to be right. People who couldn’t even get the title right were rejected immediately. And not to be ageist, but since Marten is almost 12, the voice couldn’t sound like a 40-year-old man, either! So people who sounded too old were rejected as well. When we heard Ted’s audition, we knew we’d found the right person.

Check it out for yourself! The sample covers the first five minutes of the audiobook.

One other thing I learned from this process: authors don’t set the price of their audiobooks. That surprised me, especially since they’ve listed the audiobook at $13.08 on Amazon. Yikes! But if you look in the sidebar, you’ll find a link to Audible that allows you to download TWO audiobooks for free. So you could get WISH YOU WEREN’T along with another book you’ve been wanting to listen to. FOR FREE! Smokin’ deal if you ask me πŸ™‚ This promotion runs through February 2017.

I hope you’ll take a chance on this audiobook, and if you like it, leave a review. Reviews are like gold for authors because people often read them before purchasing a book or audiobook, especially when they aren’t familiar with the author. So go check it out and I hope you like what you hear! You’ll find it on Audible, Amazon and iTunes. Woo-hoo!

4 thoughts on “The Audiobook is Live!!

  1. What a fun process! It sounds like you and your daughter had a great time together listening to the auditions. I really enjoyed the audio. I recently finished Wish You Weren’t and plan to review it within the next couple weeks. I will post my review to Amazon and Goodreads too (and you can let me know if there is anywhere else you want me to share it). πŸ™‚ Great story and I can’t wait for more!

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