I Want His Job

TomsPlanetHeadline news can be depressing. Which is why it makes me happy to find news stories like this one: This Teenager Discovered a New Planet on his Third Day of Work. Seriously.

At 15, this kid shows up for day three of his “work experience” project, they’ve assigned him the task of wading through all this backlogged data, and he discovers a planet that has never been catalogued before. What took him three days to discover, they have spent two years verifying. Because, y’ know, he’s a teenager. With three days on the job. But his planet is legit, and now officially named WASP-142b. (They need to come up with something more catchy than that!)

How do you top discovering a new planet? At 15?!

My news seems small in comparison, but here it is. I was recently featured on the fun blog, The Secret Files of Fairday Morrow. They reviewed Wish You Weren’t and then two days later, interviewed me. You can read the review here, and read the interview here. And if you’ve never read Wish You Weren’t for yourself, definitely go to the interview because they’re giving away two e-books and there are only a few days left to win your copy.

But that’s not all. Book Country, a writing community hosted by Penguin, recently invited me to write a guest post about why I changed the cover of Wish You Weren’t. I included rough samples from the fabulous artist I worked with, Fabián Cobos, and explained our work process. If you’d like to learn more, you can read the post over at the Book Country blog.

Or, you could go back to fantasizing about discovering your own planet. Hopefully, you’ll give yours a better name!

2 thoughts on “I Want His Job

  1. We were so happy to host you on our blog and to share our review with our readers. We are busy getting caught up with 5 million things- so the review will get posted to Goodreads and Amazon soon! 🙂

    I can’t imagine discovering a planet now- let alone at 15 on my 3rd day of work. WOW! Super cool!

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